e-Toll Unlimited – Easy Access to Cashless Toll Lanes!

Why e-Toll Unlimited?

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All-Inclusive, Unlimited Tolling

Don’t worry about how or when to pay for tolls. Enjoy the journey and leave the tolls to us.

*Some exclusions may apply.

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Long Lines

Get where you want to go faster. e-Toll Unlimited allows you to access electronic toll lanes while avoiding pay lines. View Coverage

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The Smart Way
to Toll

Stress free. Covered tolls are taken care of electronically and you never see another bill.

How It Works

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Purchase e-Toll Unlimited at the rental counter or add it to your online reservation.

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Open the electronic toll transponder box on the windshield to drive in cashless lanes.

*If the transponder malfunctions or is not present, video-tolling technology will capture an image of the license plate.

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Daily or weekly charge includes unlimited tolling during the rental period. All tolling charges shown on the rental receipt.

Not Sure if You Need e-Toll Unlimited?

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